Introduction: Brass Candlesticks Upgrade to Wow

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Brass candlesticks lost their appeal many years ago, but this upgrade is bringing 'em back. Every garage sale I go to there are brass candlesticks that are practically given away. This totally simple process makes them appealing for any holiday, any family celebration, and can be suited for any event. And you don't even use candles! The secret is the colors.

Just name an occasion and I can assure you that this can be suited for it. Every holiday has certain colors, Brides have selected colors. Even a formal event could use black and white candlesticks with that brass adding sparkle.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies Needed.

In this case, just your color of choice and some sand paper.

Step 2: Rinse and Dry

In case they're covered in dust, rinsing them off is a good thing. No worries about any old candle wax as it will come off with the sanding.

Step 3: Remove Any Spikes

My featured candlesticks use no candles, so this spike must go. In a concave (curved in) surface, it's very difficult to cut with wire cutters. A single tap with a hammer was enough to knock this spike off.

I could list many reasons to make sure you follow safety precautions. You certainly don't want to have the spike ricochet (bounce off a surface with force) and end up in your eye. No one else in the room wants any part of an injury either. The easiest way to prevent danger is to cover the top of the candle with a clear plastic before you strike it with a hammer.

Step 4: Spray Paint

Always spray paint outside in the open air. Then let it dry. I t doesn't have to be perfectly covered because the next step is sanding.

Step 5: Sanding

Use your sand paper to sand down the surface to give it an aged look, not dated. The brass will begin to show through and sparkle. This is the age of distressing our furniture and shabby sand to your heart's content.

Step 6: Enjoy

I hope to use all of mine for a big Easter dinner. As I mentioned earlier, no candles are needed. Intersperse other items that will add to the occasion or use alone.

I can imagine a senior prom using dozens of shiny black and white candlesticks all along the back of the buffet table with tiny clear LED lights interwoven. The chairperson would have no trouble with brass donations. Just like the seniors ready for their new beginnings, these candlesticks are there for their renewed take on a long future, too.