Brass Hearts

Introduction: Brass Hearts

Easy to make with some run of the mill hand tools, and whatever you have kicking around the shop.

Step 1: Cut Material Choose Hand Tools.

I found two inch wide and 1/8 thick brass flat bar around the shop use what ever you have.
Tools needed are:
-Hack saw with new blade
-Center or prick punch
-Marker or scribe
-circle scribe
-various files
-various sandpaper

Step 2: Start Layout of Heart.

Cut material in half. I also marked a 1/4 inch from either side at the top and prick punched where they meet for the circle scribe to make the top. For lay oit of bottom I marked the middle measureing the same amount of each side of the bottom point.

Step 3: Cut Time.

Now put the brass one at a time in soft jaw table vise and cut along you lines trying to get close enough so you don't have to file forever to get finial shape.

Step 4: Hard Work

This is the hard part which is to file the pieces down to desired shape and size. After filling it's time to start with the sandpaper I started with a 100 or 120 and worked my way up to a 1500. To get a soft gold look. Metal polish will help.

Step 5: Finished Products

I made these for Mother's Day, I took metal stamps to put names on them and put a magnet on the back of them for the fridge. The one has sat out for a month or so and needs to be cleaned. Thanks for viewing my instructable.

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    4 years ago

    These look like a perfect mother's day gift! Thanks for showing how you made them :)