Introduction: Brazilian Brigadeiros

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I came across Brigadeiros thanks to a Professor, and I soon fell in love with them! They are fudge balls covered in chocolate sprinkles, some people think of them as chocolate truffles.

Brazilian Brigadeiros, as the name says it, are from Brazil. I did a little bit of research on them and came to find out that they are named after a person, Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, and guess for what?.... Well, for his good looks! The Brigadeiros were created in order to help promote his candidacy for president, even though he didn't win, he was left with a great sweet named after him. Today in Brazil, Brigadeiros are a must have for birthday parties and weddings!

There are many variations of this sweet, some still add eggs, milk and sugar, but this recipe has none of those, with the exception of condense milk.

I hope that you will fall in love with them, as I did.

yields 32 Brigadeiros


1 tablespoon of cold butter

3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 can of sweetened condense milk

Non-stick baking spray

Oil for making the balls

Extras for rolling:

Chocolate sprinkles (traditional)

Rainbow sprinkles

Cocoa powder, best if its sweetened, otherwise it will be bitter

Powdered sugar

* Can be rolled in anything, toasted or un-toasted coconut, or crushed nuts


Medium saucepan

Silicon spoon or silicon spatula

Small baking mold, or heatproof mold

Teaspoon for shaping

Plate for placing brigadeiros

Tiny paper cups, optional

Step 1: Spray the Baking Dish With the Non-stick Baking Spray and Set It Aside.

Step 2: In the Sauce Pan Combine the Condense Milk, Butter and the Cocoa Powder With the Silicon Spoon.

Step 3: Over Low Heat, and Stirring, Cook the Mixture Until Its Very Thick and the Spoon Leaves a Trail on the Bottom of the Saucepan. This Will Take About 15-25 Minutes, Depending on the Type of Saucepan.

Step 4: Pour the Mixture on the Prepared Baking Dish and Refrigerate for 20 Minutes, or Until the Mixture Has Cooled.

Step 5: Oil the Teaspoon and Oil Your Hands, and Scoop the Mixture, Shape Into a Ball With Hands, Place Ball on Sprinkles and Roll Until Ball Is Covered in Sprinkles. Repeat With Rest of Mixture, Oiling As Needed.


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