Introduction: Bread Crumbs/fish Scotch Egg

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This scotch egg will make a good snack for a great picnic this Easter.

Step 1: Ingredients

You need:
-boiled fish
-ground bread crumbs
-delicious spices
-salt to taste
-vegetable oil to deep fry

Step 2: How It's Done

~How It's Done ~

-Boil fish with spices, for flavour. Wben cooked, pick out all the bones from the fish and mash the fish to bits. If you desire, add grated carrots. I did.
- Boil eggs till they are hard boiled. When they are done, remove and put in cold water to cool. After that, peel them off and put aside.

Step 3: Next Step

- Beat 2 to 3 raw eggs and pour into mashed fish. Make sure it's not too dry so it falls off easily. Infact, the 'stickier' the better. Add salt to taste.
- Get a peeled egg, and wrap the mashed fish around it. I added grated carrots in it, so it became yellowish.
- Hold the wrapped egg in the fold of your palm and sprinkle the bread crumbs all over the it while moulding it into an oval smooth shape.
-Get a handful of flour and sprinkle on the egg again. keep in tray

Step 4: Last Step and Voilà!

- After embalming your eggs into desired thickness and size, deep fry them in vegetable oil.
- Et Voilà!
Now, savour your scotch eggs otherwise known as savoury eggs... well, you can Google search other names for this delicious snack.

Bonne appetit !