Introduction: Brent's Browned Butter Maple Bacon Rice Krispie Treats

These treats are just what you are looking for on a chilly fall evening by the campfire. They can easily be paired with a warm glass of cider. However, if you're a daring one, you can wake up and have one for breakfast! As a matter of fact, they can be enjoyed at any time during the day or night, just make sure you have enough room for two... because one just won't be enough!

Step 1: Gather All Ingredients.

Browned Butter Maple Bacon Rice Krispie Treats:

-2 Tbsp. salted butter, browned

-1 10oz. bag of mini marshmallows, melted

-3 Tbsp. maple syrup

-5 slices bacon, cooked, drained, chopped

-6 cups rice cereal

-Cooking Spray

Step 2: Cook Bacon

Place 5 slices of bacon into a frying pan. Cook until crispy. Remove from pan and place onto a lined plate. Blot the bacon with a paper towel to remove excess grease. Allow to cool. Once cooled, chop bacon into small pieces.

Step 3: Brown the Butter

Place 2 Tbsp. salted butter into a nonstick pot and melt over medium-low heat. Once the butter starts to melt, stir with spatula until golden brown. Once golden brown, take pot off of the heat to prevent butter from burning.

Step 4: Melt Mini Marshmallows

Place pot over low heat. Add the 10 oz. bag of mini marshmallows to the browned butter. Stir the mixture until the marshmallows are melted and there are no more lumps.

Step 5: Add Maple Syrup

Add 3 Tbsp. maple syrup to pot of browned butter and melted mini marshmallows. Stir over low heat until combined. Remove pot from heat.

Step 6: Combine Crispy Bacon Pieces and Rice Cereal

Measure out 6 cups of rice cereal in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add the chopped crispy bacon pieces to the rice cereal and stir. Pour rice cereal and bacon mixture into the pot of browned butter, melted mini marshmallows and syrup and combine thoroughly using a spatula.

Step 7: Transfer Thoroughly Combined Mixture Into a Greased 9x13 Cooking Dish.

Grease 9x13 cooking dish with cooking spray. Transfer rice krispie mixture into the greased dish and distribute evenly with spatula. Spray hand with cooking spray and press rice krispies mixture into the dish until flat and proportionate.

Step 8: Finished....but Not Without Trying a Piece!

Let cool, cut and enjoy! Or don't. You may want to try a warm treat to make sure they are truly edible before sharing. :-)

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