Introduction: Bright Colorful Rainbow Eyes

About: I am a SAHM, which I am lucky to be. I have two daughters, one is 17, and the youngest is going to be 4 in December.

This is my first Instructable.. ✮ Please bear with me while I try to get it right.
I do my makeup every day, and I constantly get complimented on how I look.. ✮ Then the inevitable; "How'd you do that?" I decided to get off my arse and do this while putting my makeup on. So here goes..

Step 1: ✮What You'll Need✭

✮Now, I personally use high quality makeup, like Urban Decay, Sugarpill, Tokidoki, Sephora, Smashbox, and MAC, but I also have Rimmel, Wet'n'Wild and Revlon✭
✮Eyeshadow Primer [tacky works best for loose eyeshadows like Sugarpill] I use Urban Decay "Eyeshadow Primer Potion" or Rimmel "Exaggerate" primer
✭Rigid, angled crease brush [I use Tokidoki]
✮Slightly fluffy Lid [eyeshadow] Brush
✭Silver eyeliner [I use Rimmel "ScandalEyes" waterproof liner in silver] OR you can use white eyeliner
✮4 or 5 BRIGHT colored eyeshadows [This is where Sugarpill always masters above the rest!] For the pink base, I used Urban Decay "Woodstock", and I lightened it with Tokidoki "Diamante" to give it a little sparkle while lightening. I used Sugarpill's Smitten (pink), Absinthe (bright green), Royal Sugar (blue with sparkles) and Neon Orange from MYO
✭Completely optional is mascara, but I used a pink mascara; Elektra Doll Cherimoya Color Mascara in "Pink Punk"
✮ A baby wipe or moistened towel .. I totally forgot about that until I got sparkling blue sprinkles down my cheek! ? ? ?

Step 2: Start With a CLEAN Face, and Apply Primer

✮ I generally dab the primer on thick, and use my finger to rub it over and in. I usually do a second coat, just to assure that everything stays in place.✭

Step 3: ✮Apply Base Color✭

Using the lid brush, apply a light base of pink. After it's where you want it, take the white/sparkly blending color to lighten up and hide any harsh lines

Step 4: ✮Apply White or Silver Eyeliner✭

I used silver, but white works as well. Put it on the way you normally would.

Step 5: ✮Rainbow Time!✭

It's important that you use a rigid, angled crease brush for this. You can also use a tiny firm liner paint brush, if you don't have the proper brush =)
Simply put the shadow on the brush, and ✮tap the color on your eyeliner✭ (This is where the baby wipe will come in handy!)

Step 6: ✮Optionally Add Mascara✭

I use pink because it doesn't flood my eyes and take attention away from the rainbow

Step 7: ✮Go Show It Off!✭

TaDa! You did it! See how many people comment on your eyes!

✮I hope you enjoyed my first Instructable! Have fun!✭

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