Bright Idea Plant Stand💡

Introduction: Bright Idea Plant Stand💡

Here is a plant stand that is truly a bright idea. From recycled materials, to fresh plants, this stand is unique, modern and smart. It matches with any decor style from antique to modern, and is sure to brighten up any room.


For this project, you will need:

-Wire (gauge doesn't matter, but thinner wire is easier to work with)

-An old light bulb


-Ivy Plant

-Vice Grip or pliers

- Paint

Step 1: Preparing the Light Bulb

For the light bulb, you can use a clear or a clouded one, as the grayish film will wash out easily.

Start by using a small drill bit to drill out the center of the bulb (gloves would be recommendable for this) Once the hole is through, use a nail or screw to pry out the inside of the light bulb. A few light taps with the nail should have it all loose.

Rinse out bulb with water. Before proceeding further, you will want the bulb to be completely dry so that the soil doesn't stick. Use a hairdryer, or let it air dry.

Step 2: The Completed Stand

Step 3: Making the Wire Stand

To make the wire stand, start by clipping off about two feet of wire. Make the base of the stand by wrapping the wire around something sturdy, and round. I used a metal pipe that was roughly 6" in diameter, but size is totally up to you.

Once the base is made, use a pliers to bend the wire vertical, at a 90 degree angle. Leave about 8" and then bend the wire back so that it is parallel to the base.

Next, wrap the wire around the top of the light bulb. This will automatically make that the bulb can thread into the wire stand. Clip off the excess wire, if there is any.

The last step to making the wire stand is painting it!

Step 4: Planting the Ivy!

The first time I made this project, I started by putting the ivy into the light bulb and then adding soil. However, it can be challenging to do this without damaging the plant, so the next time I first put soil in, then the plant, and shook everything into place.

Water the plant, and your masterpiece is ready to display!

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