Bring Your Treadless Shoes Back to Life




Introduction: Bring Your Treadless Shoes Back to Life

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I am a P.E. Teacher and I woke up one morning and looked at my work shoes. I saw that all my tread on shoes where the balls of my feet are were pretty much gone just after 6 months. Most of the time, any one would go get another pair of shoes, but I'm a teacher I don't make enough money to get new shoes from 60-100 bucks every 6 months. So I decided to get another 6 months out of the bottoms. And here's hows...

Step 1: Look at How Smooth...

All shoes are different, from style, purpose, manufacture, and material used. Most important thing to consider before rejuvenation is what the materials is and is the structural integrity still there. For example, my shoes are made of of a foam. If the foam is squished at the sole, than throw them out. If the shoes foam is gives support and tread is gone. This instrustable is for you.

Tools you will need-
  • Wood burner/ hobby tool
  • Well ventilated area

Step 2: Heat Tool and Burn It

After finding a vented area, attached the proper tip that matches close to your existing tread marks. Plug in your burning tool, and let it heat up. Once hot, work the tread back into the shoe. Do not stab the sole, you will go thought the whole shoe, and you don't want that.

Step 3: Finish and Math

The most time for this instructable will be the time heating up your tool. It very easy and you'll add 6 more months to your shoes. If you go though tread on your shoes, than consider this.

Lets say I buy the same shoes for 65 dollars every time. And I buy them every six months. Thats 130 dollars a year. 260 dollars every 2 years, 3 years=$390, 4 years=$520, 5 years=$650. And that is for only with one pair of shoes and not using inflation or deals, which could change estimation from year-to-year.

Same lets change that to 1 pair a year at 65 dollars. 1 year= $65, 2 years= $130, 3 years= $195, 4 years=$260, 5 years= $325.

In this day and age, every penny counts...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Some years ago, when car tires were very expensive, here in Argentina some people made this treatment to wasted tires to make last them some more months.


    8 years ago

    The toxic byproducts from that process will damage your lungs. At least we can be grateful that you are not a teacher of English.


    8 years ago

    yepp. what thematt said, id try to claim them on my taxes. should be able to write them off especially since your a gym teacher.


    You might want to try a different shoe, and since your an educator have you thought about claiming new shoes on your taxes?