Introduction: Broken Heart Pendant

About: My Name is Jerret and i love building things and coming up with ideas to work with!

This quiant little heart pendant, was both easy to build and fun! I hope you enjoy my first Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

  1. 1x1" Wood (any kind will do)
  2. Pen
  3. Paper
  4. Thin aluminum sheet (usually found in a roll)
  5. Sander or sand paper
  6. Krazy Glue
  7. Dremel
  8. Small tooth saw

None of these are definite materials. In my opinion, you can change any of my materials and still make it look nice.

Step 2: Draw Your Heart

Draw your heart shape first and find a 1x1 inch block of wood. Any kind of wood will do. As another option you could replace half of the broken heart with a different color wood. I decided to just do one kind.

Step 3: Cut and Sand

Cut out your heart shape and sand down to a rough shape. leave room for error.

Step 4: Break Your Heart... Lol

Draw, then cut the heart in half. I used a small tooth saw and cut slowly. from the top down. Then from the bottom up. Next I drilled super small holes with a dremel in the middle to make the rest of the broken heart.

Step 5: Cut the Aluminum

I cut the aluminum with metal cutters about the same depth as the heart. I cut three different pieces and glued them all onto one side of the heart. (The exact depth does not make much difference.) I folded the aluminum 2-3 times for more of an exact line in my heart but that is up to you.

Step 6: Sand

Sand the edges of the heart to level the aluminum in the pendent with the front and back of the heart. BE CARFUL not to sand too much at once, or the Krazy glue will melt and/or burn.

Step 7: Touch Up

Round the edges of the heart to your happiness! I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable

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