Introduction: Bubble Blister Robot Machine Educational Kit for Kids

About: Tecnical Teacher

Hi makers,

After a long break, we're back together. This season we decided to expand our circle a little more. Until now, we have been trying to produce professional projects. high-level information needed to know. But we also thought we should do something for our children. Therefore, some of our projects will be for them.

Completely designed on simple materials. It will be for educational purposes and then for entertainment purposes. The plastic materials used were printed with 3D printer. Therefore, the cost will be very low.

Only motors, batteries and cables will be used.

Now in our project: "Bubble Blister Robot Machine" Children like to make bubbles. The aim is to inflate and explode. Making bubbles is troublesome, but it's fun to pop.

Thanks to this machine they will make it easier to learn and make bubbles, as well as have fun.


- 6V DC Gear Motor

- Batteries

- Cables

- 3D Printing Parts

Step 1: Features :


DIY design, help to develop logic think ability.

Helps to develop operating ability.

Small size and cute appearance.

Step 2: Let's Make It

We are starting to built it with bubble holders. As you can see in pics, we draw some part for 3D printer. and printed them. So we are using 6 bubbles holder.

Step 3: Motor and Holder Building

We have a gear motor 6V. This motors are working with 6 V but we use just 1.5 V AAA battery. Because ı want to slow turning if your motor speed is high , bubbles are mixing :D

Step 4:

We designed a part for fan or propeller. As you can see in pics, we put them on to the wood. Dimentions are aproximately 10*10*3 cm. This will be enough for your projects area.

Step 5:

In this project, we used a PC fan. You see Intel :D and pics are here. A on-off switch will be cut the energy.

Step 6: Put Things in Order

Step 7: Showcase


Step 8: 3D Printer Drawing