Introduction: Bubble Sugar Lollies

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When it comes to dessert decoration bubble sugar is one of my favorite. It takes about five minutes working the kitchen, the rest is done by the oven, just a very few ingredients are required. It’s foolproof and looks spectacular.

Why not transfer it into a lollipop?

Step 1: ​You’ll Need

Glucose syrup

Food coloring gel (I used Wilton’s red, turquoise and black)

Silicone mat

Baking tray


Wooden lollipop sticks


To add taste (optional):

Freeze dry raspberries

Ground cinnamon

Pink peppercorns

Step 2: Preparation

Place half a teaspoon heaps of glucose syrup on the silicone mat.

Spread them in a thin layer with the back of a spoon (make sure they don’t touch).

Place the wooden sticks on top of the syrup patch (the stick should reach about half way so that it holds firm).

Step 3: Colors

Preheat the oven to 150 Celsius.

Add a little bit of glucose on top of the stick (again, just to make sure it holds firm).

Put the end of the toothpick into the food coloring gel, stick it 2-3 times into the syrup here and there. Apply another color if you wish.

Step 4: Baking

Put the lollies in the preheated oven, You will soon see bubbles emerging. Bake them for approximately 45 minutes or an hour.

Step 5: Ready!

When you take them out of the oven you have about 10 seconds (not joking) to scatter pieces of freeze dry fruit or pink peppercorn, or to dust with cinnamon. Press them onto the lollies where ithey are a bit thicker (not on top of the bubbles) let them cool completely.

It turned out to be a perfect treat for kid's parties.

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