Introduction: Bubble Gum USB/Jump Drive Case.

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this is how to make a custom USB/Jump Drive skin so no one will
know that you have a USB/Jump Drive.

What you will need.

1) pack of gum
2) USB

Step 1:

you can use any USB/Jump Drive; First, you must remove the plastic housing that surrounds the USB/Jump Drive. As long as you're careful while removing the housing, it won't affect the performance of the USB/Jump Drive.

Step 2:

You need to unwrap the gum carefully(Along the seams) to keep the paper neat. Unfolding it along the seams allows you to get your USB/Jump Drive in it, while keeping it looking authentic.

Step 3:

Next place the USB/Jump Drive in the opened gum wrapper. It should fit snugly so it won't slide around, but you don't want the wrapper to be formed around the USB/Jump Drive-you want it to look like an actual pack of gum.

Step 4:

After putting the USB/Jump Drive in the gum wrapper, you may decide to add a piece of cardboard in the pack to make it more rigid. This is optional.

Step 5:

Next, cut the top of the gum wrapper to create a cap that you can take on and off to use the USB/Jump Drive.
To make the fit tight and rigid, add cardboard spacers inside of it.

Step 6:

Next, glue it all together and leave it to set overnight

Step 7:

Now you're done! It should look like a pack of gum, if you've followed all of the directions.
Thanks for making it!

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