Introduction: Bubbles

we made a thing, enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

step one:

gather your materials.

arduino uno


small motor with fan attachment

a shit ton of cables

grove soundsensor

battery pack (to attach to the motor)

a cup for your bubblesolution



glue gun or other attatchment stuff

Step 2: Connecting Stuff

connect the servo and the soundsensor to your arduino

the servo will be placed on pin nr 4

soundsensor A0

solder the batterypack to your motor and attach the fan

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Add the bubblewand to your servo and attatch said servo to your box in a way where the wand will sit in the bubblesolution at 0 and is pointed towards the fan at 180.

attach your fan to its batterypack at an angle, make sure all the fanblades can move freely and angle it towards the bubblewand in the 180 position.

finally upload our code and pray it works.