Buckyball Pyramid

Introduction: Buckyball Pyramid

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Step 1: Make a Loop of 5 Buckyballs

Just one loop around is fine.

Step 2: Wrapping It Around

Take your line of buckyballs and wrap it around let's say 6 times. This is going to be the base. Now you can make the base as big as you want.

Step 3: Subtract a Layer

Now since I wrapped it around 6 times for the base the next layer will be one layer less. So it will be wrapped around 5 times.

Step 4: Repeat This Process

Do exactly what you did the last step again. Subtract another layer and do it until you get to where you wrap the chain of buckyballs only once around.

Step 5: Putting Later on to Layer.

Now go back to the biggest layer. Lay down your base. Take the second largest layer and lay it down on-top of the biggest layer. It may look funny but when it's done, it's kool.

Step 6: Repeat the Last Process.

Put the 3rd largest lay on-top of the 2nd and repeat it until you finish! Hop u like tell me what u though this is only my 2nd creation. Thanks 4 watching! :) just so u know, it's kooler when bigger!

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