Introduction: Budget Soda Crate End Tables

Here we go, fellow Instructabilians (some one add that to the dictionary), I have another "Reduce, Reuse, and Redesign'' project for you!

I originally purchased a pair of soda crates (one Pepsi, one Coca-Cola) at a flea market several years ago with the intention of making something out of them, but I never got around to it, or had any really creative ideas, until today.

What you'll need-
Soda crates
Flat head screwdriver
Legs from an old end table (or something new from the craft store, but I prefer the salvage method, it adds more character)
A few small old looking nails

This is a very easy project that anyone can tackle. It only took me about an hour from start to Instructable.

Step 1: Step One-

Decide how you want your table to look. Do you want to put glass on top and fill the inside with nicnacs, or do you want to not be able to see through it?

I had wanted to make these into end tables for a while, but I couldn't settle on a way of doing it that I really liked. I stared at it for a while from many angles and I really liked the aged look of the unfinished wood on the bottom of the crate. The problem with that was, if I used the bottom as the top, then the "Coca-Cola" would be upside down.

I decided that I would take it apart and flip the side piece around, so when the bottom becomes the top, the logo would be right side up!

Step 2: Step Two-

Time to disassemble!

On most soda crates, there is a metal band that wraps around the edges, nailed on, to hold the crate together. Use the flat head screwdriver to get between the wood and the band and gently pry the nails up a little bit. Don't worry about bending the band, as it is very easy to straighten back out with the hammer during reassembly.

Once you have the nail out enough to grab it with the hammer, pull them out. be gentle though, and try not to bend them so that you can keep them and save some originality.

On my soda crate, I found more nails under the band, and through the middle of the front panel, holding the middle divider in place, Simply follow the same steps to remove, being careful not to crack the wood.

Once you have the panel off, flip it around and reassemble. I only did one side of the crate, since the opposite side would be against the wall and not seen anyway.

Step 3: Step Three

Fitting the legs!

My table legs came from a cheap, assemble yourself, end table set that I bought from Target about 8 years ago (I am a little bit of a hoarder, I suppose).  The table tops were no longer very good looking, so I salvaged the legs.

Figure out how you would like to position your table legs. I got lucky that the top part of my legs were the exact width of the divided sections on the inside of the crate.

This is where those extra old looking nails come in. You'll want something that fits the character of the piece, not something shiny and new. Also try to find something with a small, thin head, so that it will seat nicely into the wood.

Now that you have the legs positioned, use the extra nails to attatch them from the top of the table (formerly the bottom of the crate). I also added a nail to each side where the legs come down to add a little bit of stability to the table. After that, you're done!

Enjoy, have fun with it, get creative and make it your own!

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