Build a Mini Foot-Pedal Weaving Loom

Introduction: Build a Mini Foot-Pedal Weaving Loom

After building the spinning wheel I thought I would knit or crochet with my alpaca stash. However after noticing other spinners weaving was about five times faster than knitting I decided to attempt a mini weaving loom. 

So this design eventuated - you can move the shafts with your feet. You can weave indoors by clamping it to the table. It is great for weaving guitar straps or small board braids.

Eventually, I'll make a larger, portable version that can be easily folded up and packed away. This video shows how I use the loom and more instructions coming up on building one.

In November, I discovered free plans for a foldable counterbalance weaving loom by Travis J Meinholf. This might be a loom to consider making if your looking for larger projects.

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    Gomi Romi
    Gomi Romi

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, please check the comments below the video on YT. Also, you might like to to check out Travis Meinholf's countermarch plans, which can are easy to fold up into a small corner.


    Reply 6 years ago

    I would like to try making this, but I'm not seeing any comments in the comment section of the YouTube video. Could you please post a link?