Build Easy Bike Pedaling Generator

Introduction: Build Easy Bike Pedaling Generator

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In this instructable, I'll show you how I created a simple yet working Pedaling Generator using a small Bike and a Motor Generator.

Of course don't expect to power you air conditioner or microwave oven with this simple pedaling generator. But it's cool and very educational for your kids. It really raises their awareness for energy generation and usage.

Parts used

A small bike

A permanent magnet generator

Some plastic caps and old wheels to make the generator hub

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Step 1: Motor Hub

Here is my first attempt to make a simple motor hub for rotation coupling between the bike wheel and the Motor/Generator.

I made small holes in 2 identical plastic caps. One for the motor shaft and two for installation with the shaft.

I used copper wire to connect the two plastic caps together and

Step 2: Found the Perfect Wheel

Here is and after I made this motor hub from the plastic caps I found this plastic wheel from a handbag.

I snapped it from its axis and installed it on the motor/generator.

Now I have a better motor hub.

Step 3: Mobile USB Charger

And then I got this USB mobile phone car charger and connected it to the generator terminals.

Step 4: Get the Bike and Get Started

Here is my Channel on Youtube:


Here I made those simple stands for the bike to make the rear wheel higher off the ground. And then I started to test the setup using the generator and its wheel hub.

It worked perfect to power the USB charger and also powered a white LED.

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