Introduction: Build Your Own Home Gym

There are many hobbies that grow with your expertise, and one of them is strength training. Whether your goal is to become a strongman, or you simply have a shabby gym in your neighborhood, there is a way out of your mess. Building a gym is not as difficult as commercials will have you believe, and after all, it is just another sort of training, in a way. Without further ado, let us look at several gym installations you can now own in your very house.

Step 1: Dragging Sled:

This gym staple is an excellent investment for someone who has a yard – or rather, plenty of manoeuvring room. Dragging sled can be made from a variety of materials, but perhaps the simplest DIY is a re-purposed wheelbarrow. Free the wheelbarrow from its wheels and handles, and hook a chain through a hoop you have attached on one side. Voila! You may proceed to fill the barrow with any weights or weight alternatives you please!

Step 2: Pull-up Bar:

This is home-made classic. One of the first exercise tools anyone will bring into their home is a pull-up bar. You can purchase one, or you can make one out of regular pipes and eight 90 degree elbows, and attach it to an I-beam in your house. This is what you do: the part you hold on to is a 46 cm pipe. Wrap it with some tape to make it a safer grip. Attach a 90 degree elbow on both sides, and stick a 7.5 cm in them, and top off with another elbow pipe. Then come 25.5 cm pipes, then elbows, then pipes that are the same length as your I-beam is deep. Elbows. Top off with a 15 cm pipe for support on the other side.

Step 3: Sledgehammer:

Regardless of what the trending gym routines are, the best exercises are the ones that simulate the kind of physical work our grandfathers were involved with. The sledgehammer is particularly a good choice for modern gym enthusiasts. All you really need is a sledgehammer and a tyre, and you can begin honoring good old John Henry. Sledgehammers needn’t be big and expensive, contrary to what you might find on the Internet. This type of exercise doesn’t just test your strength, but also your stamina, so contrary to popular belief, sledgehammers needn’t be big and expensive – smaller models will do better. If you live near a major car shop, you can maybe even obtain tyres for free. If you don’t, you can always find cheap tyres online.

Step 4: Medicine Balls:

It may not seem like much at first glance, but this piece of equipment is very effective for strength training. The most basic medicine ball is just a basketball that has been drilled, filled with sand, and shut.

Step 5: Bulgarian Training Bag:

This modern-ish innovation is essentially a crescent shaped bag filled with sand, and you can make a DIY version dirt cheap. Simply cut an inner rubber tyre in half, fill it with rubber mulch or wood pellets and zip tie it shut. In order to get the perfectly anatomical shape, it is a good idea to cut the open side parts of the tire into a crescent, rather than a half-circle.