Introduction: Build Your Own IR Sound, Voice Transmitter


The basic principle of using my project is the sound caused by infrared (laser) vibration, which then receives an infrared vibration signal at the infrared receiver diode of the receiver circuit, and the signal is demodulated to achieve sound attenuation.
Transmission distance can reach one meter, which can be used to make short-range wireless speakers.

Step 1: PCB Design

A project related to music and sound. So I decided to create an electronic circuit board in the form of two electronic guitars.

Step 2: Now We Go to the Site and Load the Finished Gerber File

This site is very reliable and makes quality products, and is very fast and inexpensive.
After 3 Days, I Received the Package. in It Were 5 Printed Circuit Boards, the Highest Quality.

Step 3: We Collect All the Needed Components and Soon Begin to Assemble

Step 4: After We Soldered All the Details, Our Product Can Be Tested.

If you do not understand something. Watch the video, there are more detailed displays.

Step 5: Video

Step 6: Working Principle:

Transmitter: The audio signal is loaded into the infrared light-emitting diode through triode modulation, so that the light emitted by the infrared light contains an audio signal.
Receiver: The infrared receiving diode converts the infrared light containing the audio signal into a weak electric signal, and the audio signal is amplified by the audio amplifier to push the horn to restore the sound.

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