Build Your Smart Home (IOT) by 11.9 $




Introduction: Build Your Smart Home (IOT) by 11.9 $

App provide to you control anything you want , show you the status of home security level of gas level of water leak only by 11.9$.

The Advantage from similar projects :

FIRST You can enter to the application from anywhere (WAN) and FREE,

BUT Other Projects do it in the same area (LAN), and otherwise if using (WAN) will be by cash.

SECOND if the app is offline and something happen --> send to you Alert Massage to open your app,

BUT Other Projects Must you online to show you alert massage .

THIRD very easy to install very effective ,

BUT Other Projects using ESP8266 to get notification and this module have many troubles.

Thats enouhg :D :p ,,,

Part Listsupported by ebay :

1- Arduino Uno withe caple (4.45 $)

2- Mini ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module For Arduino (2.47 $)

OR Ethernet Shield W5100 Network Module ($6.50) up to i used the shield and the total will increaso to (16$)

3- Network Cable (1.31 $)

4- 5V Relay Module (1.31 $)

5- MQ2 Gas Sensor Module (1.25 $)

6- PIR Motion Sensor Module (1.1 $)

7-Lamp 220 v . or led (up to you)

Step 1: Hardware

connection as picture above :

1-Ethernet put on the arduino pins .

2-LED vcc- 2,3,9 and gnd to gnd .

3-PIR vcc-5v and gnd to gnd and signal to 7 not 6 like the picture sorry .

4-MQ2 vcc-5v and gnd-gnd and signal to A1 .

Note : you can add any sensor u want by the same way,,up to you .

Step 2: Software (APP)

You can control 3 leds from Manuel controlling page

you can get your notification as smoke or motion happened from notification page but i added another option that can send you alert message on your email like the picture above .

you can use my apk file in everything but not in alert massage (Email) ,, you can send me your email what u want to receive the msg on and i will adjust another apk for you .

Step 3: Software (ARD)

1-I use teleduino server u must request Key for you :

2-Download the library of teleduino ,,,

•If you don't know how to add a Library to Arduino IDE you can follow this guide:

• upload the [teleduino ethernet 328 client proxy] - put your key of teleduino in the sketch,, Like picture above.

after install the librarry and adjust the code by the key ,

send me your Email and key to adjust the Apk file For you .

Step 4: Relay

connection above to change the led to lamp 220 v

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    Question 4 years ago on Step 3

    hello , i understood that i must to give my teleduino key to modify the apps. i will buy a gas detector and humidity anfter that i will communicate u all datas

    My email is

    Thanks, and i want to ask u if i must to pay for modifications of app


    5 years ago

    bro can you give me the source code for this app