Introduction: Build a Heated Chicken Watering System

These instructions will help you to successfully build a heated watering system for chickens. This can also be used in the summer to water your birds by keep the pipe heating cable unplugged. This is a fairly easy project to complete and with these steps there should be no trouble. This unit is designed to hang in a smaller style coop and service approximately 2-3 birds.

Step 1: List of Required Materials

(1) Saw (hand or power)

(1) Drill and 11/32 Drill Bit

(1) Piece of Sand Paper

(2) 1-Gallon Buckets

(1) 1- Gallon Bucket Lid

(1) Poultry Nipple

(1) 3’ Long Pipe Heating Cable

(1) Roll of Aluminum Tape

(1) Roll of ¼” Pipe Insulator Tape

Step 2: Safety Information

Whenever using any kind of power tool (saw, drill ect.) always be sure to wear the proper safety equipment. Also be sure to operate the equipment according to the manufacture’s recommendations. Keeps hands away from blades while operating the saw. Be sure to secure buckets when performing any type of cutting or drilling.

Step 3: Preparing the First (outer) Bucket

Remove the bottom of one of the 1-gallon buckets.

First drill a hole near the edge of the bottom of the bucket    

Use the saw to remove the entire bottom.

Step 4: Continue to Work on the First (outer) Bucket

Remove the handle from the 1-gallon bucket (the one without the bottom removed)

With your saw cut this bucket completely down one side so it will wrap around the other bucket.

Step 5: Build the Main (interior) Bucket

Set aside the modified bucket.

Wrap the second bucket with a single layer of insulated pipe tape leaving approximately 3 to 4 in not covered near the bottom of this bucket.

Wrap the bottom of this bucket with the 3’ long pipe heating cable.

Step 6: Installing the Poultry Nipple

Install the poultry nipple into the bottom of the bucket that you just installed the tape and heated pipe cable on.

First drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the bucket and insert the nipple.

Use some plumbers tape on the threads of the nipple to ensure a water tight seal.

Step 7: Putting Everything Together

Install the cut 1-gallon bucket around the bucket with the heated pipe cable so that this bucket rests just under the lip of the bucket with the heated pipe cable.

Wrap this bucket completely around with 2-3 strands of the aluminum tape leaving room for the cord of the heated pipe cable.

Step 8: Congratulations!!!

You have just successfully built you very own heated chicken watering system. This can be used in most temperatures below freezing. If temperatures are to fall near or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (aprox -18 Celsius) consider using a heated lamp over the top of the watering bucket to keep the water from freezing.

 Here is some pictures of my finished product. This has been used for a season so it a little beat up but I can see this working for years to come.