Introduction: Build a Smart House With ( Makey Makey + Scratch + Brick Lab)

By using the makey makey and brick lab I tried to bring them to life by building a smart house.


2 Makey Makey kits

3 Brick Lab kits

Cardboard paper (brown,green,red,yellow) colors

Dog hose template

Tree template

Aluminum foil

Copper tape

Duople side tape


Sponge foam paper (green color)

chanzon led light

Glue stick

Step 1: Build a House

I used the Brick lab to build the structure of the house. I start building the base first, then built the walls and the roof.

Teacher's Notes :

1. Secure the base with a small part of bricks.

2. Leave a space for the windows and the door.

Step 2: Add the LED Light

I placed two LED lights in front of the house and I added two inside the house. I connected the LED with the foil by covering the legs of the LED with a copper tape. I connect the two LED on a piece of foam board by connecting the two short legs together the connected with the earth, then I connected the long legs together and connected with the back side of the makey makey.


Watch this video for more details.

Step 3: 3D Paper Tree

Create a three-dimensional paper tree using the printable tree templates.

1. Cut three pieces of the tree template then, stick them together.

2. Make the leaves.

3. Fold the paper leaves in half. (Make enough leaves to cover your tree).

4. Glue the leaves.

Draw a small bird to place it above the tree.

Step 4: Build a 3D Dog Hose

By using this free template of a dog house you can print it out, then stick the pieces together. I print out a picture of a dog, then I add a piece of play dough on the back side of the picture and connected with a copper tape and alligator clip to makey makey.

Draw a small dog to place it in front of the dog house or a dog toy.

Step 5: Coding

I used a website to convert the sentence to audio, then I uploaded to the sounds in scratch.

Step 6: Connenct to Makey Makey

Place everything on the sponge foam paper. Now start connect the makey makey with the foil.

Step 7: Test the Smart House