Introduction: Build a Tiny Electronic Keyboard With LEGO and Faya-nugget

In my last Instructable, I demonstrated how to use Lego, an Arduino board and faya-nugget modules to build a fan:,

This time I am going to show you how to use faya-nuggets to create an tiny electronic keyboard,

Step 1: Material You'll Need

1. faya-nugget Touch-Slider module

2. faya-nugget Buzzer module

3. An Arduino compatible board (I use a nano compatible in this case)

4. A breadboard

5. Some Lego bricks, pick any kind you like.

Step 2: Wire It !

A0 <----> P0

A1 <----> P1

A2 <----> P2
A3 <----> P3

A4 <----> P4
A5 <----> P5

A6 <----> P6
A7 <----> P7

D8 <----> BZ

Step 3: Power It Up!

Connect all the power lines of faya-nuggets.

Make sure to connect all nuggets with red-black nugget power wire.

Don't forget to connect the 5V and GND with fayaduino Nano.

Step 4: Upload the Arduino Sketch

1. Open your Arduino IDE, select the Arduino board: Arduino Nano

2. Select certain comm port

3. Just copy-paste the sample code

4. That's all you need

You should be able to play some "music" (Actually more "noise" in my hand) with the touch slider botton

Step 5: LEGO Time!

Mount your nugget on the LEGO structure!

I prefer Technic series as always, but any type is OK (except Duplo I suppose)

Step 6: Close Ups

Just for your references.

You can find most of the faya-nugget @ MCM Electronics.

Step 7: Done

Now, it is your turn!

Play some music and share it!