Build Your AIO Wireless WineBox Sound System




Introduction: Build Your AIO Wireless WineBox Sound System

Build you own

All-In-One Wireless WineBox Sound System

This wine box has been converted to become a Dual Channel Stereo system.

I wanted quality sound without giving an eye and a leg for some speakers that just leave a mess of cables all over my living room.

So I opted to build my own :)

It has enough output to make any movie a better experience having sound from the front and the back.

The sound is warm and the light makes a lovely ambience.

Step 1: Materials

Wine box

Digital Amplifier

Audio Transmitter/Receiver


Multi plug

Screws and regular diy materials

Step 2:

Mark holes for speakers based on type of speaker.

Less power and more quality.

I played around with my speakers to see what worked best before choosing.

Step 3:

Remove covers of amplifier for relocation of knobs.

Mark location of the knobs of the amplifier. I decided to have it internal for the sake of looks.

Or you can leave it outside as well.

Make sure it is fixed firmly as possible.

Step 4:

Added these angle irons to the Receiver (I my case I will connect the transmitter to the TV :)

Located the position for the antenna and drilled a hole.

Finally fixed the Receiver with screws.

Step 5:

Add the multi plug. Choose one with a fuse just for extra security.

Attached the cabling for the light (with switch).

Drilled hole for the light socket and installed the whole.

Step 6:

Start installing the speaker. Be gentle while fixing the screws to avoid cracking the wood.

Add the power adapter for the amplifier, receiver and cables for the speakers.

Step 7:


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    7 years ago

    Please tell me where to buy audio transmitter/reciever

    giacomo lattanzi
    giacomo lattanzi

    8 years ago

    How did you have connect The speaker to the bluetooth ?

    giacomo lattanzi
    giacomo lattanzi

    8 years ago

    How did you have connect The speaker to the bluetooth ?


    8 years ago

    How did you conect 6 speakes with only two output on the amp. Did you have some sort of cross over?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the nice feedback!!!

    I used a Audio/Video Wireless Transmitter/Receiver on 2.4GHz signal and FM Modulation. As this project is not just a "try to see if it works". I really need this and I wanted it of TOP quality.

    BUT you can replace the Audio/Video Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with a Bluetooth receiver.

    The back was covered up properly :) I added only some acoustic wool to improve audio quality.

    Very nice indeed. I've some spare speakers I've been planning to use in a TV stand so this has inspired me! What sort of transmitter have you used?

    I notice (unless I've missed something) that you don't have a back cover on the box? Would this not improve the sound?