Building a Model Truss Bridge

Introduction: Building a Model Truss Bridge

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Here are some of the basics to building a model truss bridge with legos. The reason I built this bridge, is because i am fascinated with bridge designs, and I knew that a truss bridge would be an easy model to build. I own lots of legos that were just sitting around so I decided to build my truss bridge with legos. I already know a lot about bridges because I have been learning about them in  school for some time. The type of truss bridge that I built is a Warren Truss, there are many types of truss bridges that you could also build.

Step 1: What's a Truss Bridge?

A truss bridge isn't  just an ordinary bridge, it uses triangles to support itself. It uses triangles because triangle are the the sturdiest shape for a structure. They're stronger than squares and circles. The structure can stress compression or tension on the triangle shaped structure. Truss bridges are a very old type of bridge that is still used know.

Step 2: Beams

One of the main parts of the bridge are the beams, without them it would be very flimsy. Also without the beams the tension would have no where to go.

Step 3: Base/Substructure

The base/substructure has to be very sturdy or else your bridge could easily break. If the bridge breaks in the middle the rest of the bridge will also break because of the tension.

Step 4: Create Your Own!

Now you know the basics to building a truss bridge with legos. Try building your own, if you do feel free to post it in the comments to show me. Have fun!

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