Building a One of a Kind Skateboard

Introduction: Building a One of a Kind Skateboard

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I love to build paddle boards and surfboards using wood strips. I had some small scraps leftover so i decided to try and make a Strip build skate boards.

Step 1: Gather Material

so this is done with scrap wood from old projects

Material and tool list


Clamps lots of clamps

Wood screws

Long threaded rod or bolts


Wood glue

Paint and stain tape


Strips around 24 inches long

Step 2: Gather the Strips

Set wood up putting smaller strips of wood in between to shape it like a penny board

Add glue to the tips and tail of the wood and clamp add screws and clamps to the nose and tail

Drill a hole through the front of the board and put the threaded rod thur and add washer and nuts and tighten.

Leave over night to allow the glue to dry

Glue and clamp the pieces together.

Step 3: Route Out the Strips for Strength.

set the router to 1/4 inch use a 1/4 inch bit and rout out 3 strips the opposite direction of the wood to add strength. Add glue and clamp in a piece of the 1/4 by 1/4 inch wood.

Step 4: Shape the Board

use the scroll or band saw to cut the shape of the penny board

Put thru the planer to flatten the board. my board was kinda crooked from the clamps. The planer fixed any imperfection.

Sand out the nose and tail to the desirable shape

Step 5:

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    5 years ago

    instructable coming soon


    5 years ago

    That looks excellent, but I think some resin could make it stronger


    Reply 5 years ago

    definitely i working on getting a better instructable up and plan on doing another one with a little thicker wood. cause this wont hold me for long.