Introduction: Building a Wood Planter for LEVdisplay

About: We create amazing levitation projects using electromagnets.

This is a custom project for LEVdisplay magnetic levitation device. Alternative levitation displays can be used, but the dimensions will vary.

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Step 1: LEVdisplay Hardware

LEVdisplay is for makers who want to build their own levitation projects.

The levitating magnetic disc can hold up to 13 ounces (approximately 350 grams) in mid-air

30mm maximum levitation distance

The base color is dark brown

Step 2: Planter Materials

Each section of the planter is cut form Midwest Products 9MM craft plywood, except for the flat 3MM piece near the bottom.

Step 3: Planter Dimensions

Each of the six sections is 65MM X 65MM

Step 4: Bottom Piece for Disk Magnet

The bottom piece of the planter can be cut from three separate pieces of 3MM ply, or milled from a single piece of 9MM ply with the help of a CNC router.

Step 5: Cutting

Cut out the 6 pieces with a jig saw, router, or cnc machine.

Step 6: Sanding and Wood Glue

Sand each piece using 100 grit sandpaper and glue together with Titebond Veneer Glue.

Step 7: More Sanding

Once all of the pieces are glued together, give it one more sanding with 150 grit sandpaper

Step 8: Finish

Apply two to three coats of Shellac Wood finish.

Step 9: Plants

Air plants are recommended since they don't require soil and little water

Step 10: Levitate!

Levitating Plants!