Introduction: Building Your Own 250 Quadcopter

A QAV 250 quadcopter is not difficult to build. It just takes a bit of time and effort to get necessary components.

Step 1: Components

Required components:

  • motors: 4 motors, EMAX MT 2204-2300kv
  • esc:4 12 amp EMAX esc
  • battery: lipo 3s,11.1v, 2200mah
  • receiver and transmitter: flysky FS- CT6B
  • flight controller:CC3D
  • power distributor board
  • propellers: 5" (5030)(carbon fiber preferred)
  • lipo alarm
  • velcro straps
  • bullet connectors
  • heat shrink
  • genuine imax b6 mini lipo charger
  • zip ties

Step 2: Assembling Frame

When assembling the frame make sure the bolts are in the correct place.

Step 3: Add Components to Frame

When adding components to the frame make sure it is neat otherwise when you are flying the quadcopter, the propeller will hit the wires or anything that is not neat. When assembling the frame make sure you have not placed the propeller on the motor or otherwise when it comes to setup up you might hurt your fingers and get a cut whilst setting up the motors.

Step 4: Setting Up Reciever

This is a 6ch receiver, this receiver can reach distances roughly 200 meters. When setting up the receiver make sure the wires are in the correct channel or it will not operate properly. To bind the receiver to your controller connect the bind wire into the receiver and press bind on the controller, if you are using this precise receiver then remove yellow wire and plugin the bind wire. Where it says bat, plugin the bind wire into the receiver on the back of the controller. Then remove the bind wire and plugin the yellow one back in again.

Step 5: Setting Up CC3D Flight Controller

To setup the CC3D flight controller you have to download a program and run it. The program is called openpilot gcs. To download visit this website: this URL will take you directly to the download page and you can download it . To start configuring your CC3D flight controller press vehicle setup wizard this will show a step by step setup wizard. After you've finished the wizard. Take your quadcopter for a fly. Make sure your propellers are going the same way as the image. To test the direction of the motor spinning wrap some tape around the top part of the motor and then see what direction the motor is spinning.

Step 6: Flying Your Quadcopter

when flying your quadcopter stay a distance away from it or it could hurt you. If your to close when your flying your quadcopter it may cause injury. When you get the hang of flying the quadcopter stay as close as you want, but for the moment stay a distance away or buy propeller guards.

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