Introduction: Bullet/Resin Name Plaque.

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Before we get started, I apologize for only having one pic of this make. The video should show all stages you want to see! Thank you!

This plaque was fun to make (watch the video). I used my X-Carve to cut the MDF letters. The plaque itself is also made with MDF. I decided to adorn the inside with spent bullet shell casings, you may use whatever you want. This is how I made this...

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials.

Prepare your wood or MDF or whatever you decide to use.

First, I cut the MDF letters 'DC.' on my X-Carve. A bandsaw or jigsaw can also be used.

While the letters were cutting I cut the MDF frame and bottom out with my table saw. I forgot the measurements of the frame and bottom but you can use your own proportionate measurements.

Step 2: Assembly and Paint.

Now that everything is cut and sanded, it's time to assemble and paint, my least favorite part because after the paint goes on you have to WAIT for it to dry.

You can use whatever paint you want. I used black for the frame and chrome spray paint for the letters. Then for whatever reason I used glitter spray paint over the whole thing. Then to seal it all in I sprayed clear semi gloss polyurethane on the whole thing.

Now we wait for it to dry...

Step 3: Decorate the Inside of Frame.

This is the fun part.

I mixed up a small amount of epoxy resin and poured it into the frame being careful NOT to get it on the edges of the frame or letters. I used a small amount, about a quarter inch, because I wanted it to have depth. It also made the bullets look like they were floating in there. You can also fill the entire frame with epoxy if you want.

After the epoxy went in I decided to use the bullets to surround the letters. I simply put the bullets in the epoxy and waited for THAT to dry over night.

Step 4: Finished!

Now that everything is dry you can enjoy your creation!

I put this on my desk at work...

Thank you for watching the video!!!

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