Introduction: Bumblebee Transformer Costume

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Make bumblebee transformer costume


Eva foam, hot glue, yellow vinyl, dark grey spray paint, motorcycle headlights, 9volt LEDs blue and white, Scissors, dry wall stilts (optional)

Step 1: Print Templates From Pepakura

Download pepakura and files for bumble bee. After printing cut out templates and trace onto Eva foam and cut out foam pieces.

Step 2: Glue Pieces and Wrap With Vinyl

Glue all pieces and then wrap with yellow vinyl. Spray paint any spots that are supposed to be dark with dark gray spray paint. Gently spray edges of yellow with dark gray spray paint to give a faded/battle damage look. Add stilts if you feel comfortable with them. Stilts are optional.

Step 3: Add Metallic Tape

Add metallic tape on edges to give a realistic look

Step 4: Add Led Light and Stilts

Add led lights (9volt) to helmet and motorcycle headlights to the chest. Strip headlights so only the front of headlight will attach to chest after cutting out holes to fit. Remove bulb from headight and insert white led in each headlight. 18 inch dry wall stilts are optional but I used them for this costume. Then the look is complete. The costume is straight forward it's just a matter of cutting and glue pieces together.

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