Introduction: Bunny Ears Head Band

I have always thought these were soo cute. And I've always wanted one. Here is a simple little tutorial on how to make your own.

Step 1: Materials

Fabric of your choice
Measuring tape
craft wire. (I suggest 16 gauge or up for sturdiness)
sewing machine
craft pliers / sturdy pair of scissors

Step 2: Make Your Measurements

Measure the circumference of your head. Add 2in to that number.

Decide how long you want your ears to be and double that length. and them double it again

Add all of them together and you have the length you need for your inner wire.

When choosing your wire gauge. take into consideration the thicknes of your fabric and how sturdy you want your reseult to be.

Step 3: Shape Your Ears

On both ends of the wire form the ear according to your desired length and your desired shape.
I wanted my ears to be a little stubby so o made them slightly more of an oval shaped.
After shaping the ear, fasten the short end around the other. This is where the added 2in comes in. Use 1in on both sides to secure the ear in place.
Repeat this step on the other end.

Step 4: Make Pattern

Cut out a strip length eqaul to the circumference of you head and a width of 2.5 in . This will be your band.

Draw the shape you would like your ear to be. Consider the length, widest and smallest width size.
The end siDe to be connected must be equal to the band.

Step 5: Cut Fabric

Cut out your ear and cut your fabic with a .25 seam allowance all around.

If your ear is oddly shaped like mine and your frabic is not two sided, pay keen attention when cutting. Ensure you have the correct back and front for each side.
In total you will have 5 pieces

Step 6: Sew the Pieces Together

Face the front of the fabric together and sew the ears down. Leave half of one side of the ear unsewn.

Iron down the sewn ear and proceed to turn them over.

Step 7: Connect the Band

Fold and iron down .25in on both sides of the band.

Open and flatten the connecting end of the ear then line up the widths and stitch it to the band on both sides

Step 8: Insert the Wire

After connecting both ears, insert the wire and iron down seam allowancne on both of the open sides. Then make the final stitch down the middle colsing the hole.

Step 9: And We're Done