Introduction: Burlap & Satin World Map Blanket

The blanket not only has a practical function in our life, but also is a very important detail of the interior. It can transform a room and hint a mood, especially if it is made by your hands.

In this set of instructions, I suggest you sew a blanket on your own in the form of a world map. As a material, fabrics that are perfectly combined with each other are used: coarse, but durable, eco-friendly (made from plant fibers) beige-brown burlap and delicate blue satin. Selected fabrics perfectly symbolize the contrast of land and water. In my opinion, such a blanket will especially appeal to travel lovers (even if you are a traveler only at heart). And low cost is another advantage of this cover.

The origin of global warming (see photo) :)

P.S. I'm tired of fighting with sites that steal my instructables regardless of the license (which is indicated in the upper left corner). Sorry but I decided to add attribution to my photos. I know it looks a little annoying, but it annoys me even more to see my works under someone else's authorship or for sale.


4 burlap bags (jute);

blue stretch satin fabric - 150 cm × 125 cm;



white, blue threads;


sewing machine (of course you can sew all manually, but then it will be veeeery long);

world map (JPG file);

computer & printer;

paper for print (A4);


white fabric paint;

narrow brush;


Step 1: Making Burlap Part of Blanket

You need: 4 burlap bags, scissors, needle, white threads.

Rip up the burlap bags.

Trim the edges of the burlap evenly (along the threads). Remove 1-2 threads from the edge.

Now you need to stitch together all four pieces of burlap. First stitch together two pieces. To do this, put one piece of burlap on the second piece with an indent of 1 cm (photo). Sew them by hand.

Fold the protruding edge of the burlap (photo).

Fold again so that the edges of both pieces of burlap are inside. Spread two pieces of burlap without unfolding the folds. The edges of the two pieces of burlap at the junction should be bent inward on both sides of the fabric. Make a seam on the sewing machine near the edge of the fold (you can manually sew it first to fix the folds) (photo).

Make another seam on the sewing machine at a short distance to fix the fold on the back of the fabric (photo).

Stitch also two more pieces of burlap. Then stitch them together. As a result, you should get a large burlap canvas of four pieces (photo).

Step 2: Adding Satin Part of Blanket

You need: burlap part of your blanket, satin, scissors, needle, blue threads.

Fold the edges of the satin fabric 1 cm with the wrong side inward (iron).

Lay the burlap part of blanket on the floor. Place a satin cloth in the center top (with a ruler, check if the edges of the protruding burlap are equal).

Manually sew on a satin piece (to fix it).

Sew a satin piece onto the burlap with a sewing machine.

Step 3: Making Paper Map of World

You need: Map of World JPG file, computer&printer, paper, scissors, glue.

Make the picture of world map of the size you need - equal to the size of a satin piece. For example, you can do this using the program „Paint”, increasing the size of the picture by the desired %. 1 cm = about 37.9 px. If you use the file at this link ( ), then increase the picture by 114%.

Print the map (parts of map). Cut out the unwanted edges (on two sides). Glue the card (overlap).

Step 4: Making Pattern of Word Map

Mark the center of the paper map (measure with a ruler).

Lay the paper card on the satin fabric so that the center of the card is in the center of the fabric. Fix with pins (photo).

Fold one half of the paper card and lay the copy paper (photo).

Return half the paper map to its original place and draw with pen around the contours of the continents, seas, islands, meridians, parallels. Check to see if the contour copy to fabric.

Copy the second half of the map as well (photo).

Cut the center of the continents, keeping a 0.5-1 cm indent from the contour (if possible). Fold the left indent of the fabric inward and sew it manually (photo).

Make seams manually on the lines of the meridians and parallels.

Using carbon paper, copy the borders of countries and small details on the burlap.

Sew the curved edges of the satin fabric (the edges of the continents) using the sewing machine. Make two seams (1-2 mm apart), one of which is as close as possible to the edge of the fold of a satin fabric (photo).

Sew with a sewing machine at the borders of countries, on meridian lines and parallels.

Embroider small details.

Clean the fabric from traces of carbon paper (use dry cleaning).

Step 5: Making the Edges of the Blanket

Trim the edges of the burlap evenly. Bend the edge of the burlap two times and sew manually (fix). Sew then on the sewing machine.

Step 6: Enjoying the Work Done

Cover the sofa with the blanket.

The origin of global warming (look at the photo) :)

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