Introduction: Burn Bootloader Into Arduino Nano 3.0 Clone Board

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recently purchased an Arduino Nano 3.0 Clone from AliExpress which came without a bootloader. I am sure there are many other people who are in the same situation as me, and may have freaked out a little bit at first ! Don't worry, in this instructable I will show you how to easily install a bootloader to your new clone.

So let's begin..

Step 1: Components Needed

Original Arduino Uno
Original Arduino Nano
Clone Arduino Uno
The Arduino Nanoano Clone
Jumper wire.

Step 2: Get a Original Arduino Uno or Nano

Make sure that original Arduino Uno or Nano you have already has bootloader on it. And it is working properly when you upload code on it.

Step 3: Connect Original Uno or Nano to System

So have to connect the original Arduino Uno or Nano to your system.

Step 4: Open Arduino IDE

Goto < Tool < programmer: select "Arduino as ISP"

Step 5: On the IDE

Goto File < Example< select ArduinoISP a code Will appear in your ide.

Step 6: Upload Code

Upload the code in your original Arduino Uno or Nano Board. A message will appear "Done upload".

Step 7: Testing Arduino Nano Clone

Test the Arduino nano clone if you will receive a message like this in the pictures you have to no that their is no bootloader on the atmega chip.

Step 8: Wiring Up Diagram

Make this connection from the original Arduino Uno or Nano into the Arduino nano clone
As in the image below the one writing PROGRAMMER is the Original Arduino Uno and the TARGET is Arduino Nano Clone.

Step 9: Burn Bootloader

Goto Tool < select: Burn Bootloader.

Step 10: Bootloader Burn Successful.

Then a message will appear bootloader burn successful.
Ok. Upload any code you want.


Step 11: Methods

This method can also be used in any types of board will have.