Introduction: Buttery Bacon Onions

What is better to throw on the grill than Buttery Onions?  Buttery BACON Onions!  This is a great side dish for any BBQ simple to make.  It takes about 10 minutes of prep time, but a good half hour of cook time.  This instructable makes 4, but the servings sizes are easy to vary. 

4 Onions
2 (or more) slices of thick cut Bacon
4 cubes of Bullion
1/2 stick of Butter

8 Sheets of Aluminum Foil
1 Sharp knife
1 Apple Corer
1 Cutting board

The final outcome photo isn't the best, we were all starving by the time they got done :)

Step 1: Onion Prep

First you want to start out peeling the onion.  Cut off only the top tip, and make sure to leave the bottom root clump, it will keep the onion from falling apart.  Take the corer and use it to remove the center of the onion.  Make sure you don't go all the way through!  It may take a little wiggling and back and forth movement to get it out, but it will come out!  After you have the hole, take your knife and make 4 slits down the sides of the onion, again, not all the way down.

Step 2: Now for the Butter and Bacon!

Cut the butter into 1/2 inch chunks and stuff one chunk in the bottom of the hole in each of the onions.  Then one bullion cube with one more butter chunk on top of that.  After that take a chunk of butter and smear and stuff one into each slit in the onion until all four slits are full of butter!

Now for the bacon!  Cut each slice in half short strips, then down the center lengthwise for a total of 8 small strips.  Lay each of the strips over top of the slices so bacon grease can drip down and into the onion for flavoring.  We were low on bacon so we only used the 2 slices, but I highly recommend using more!

Step 3: Wrap and Grill!

Wrap each onion in 2 sheets of aluminum foil.  Make sure to smoosh the top in real good, that's what keeps all the moister and juices in. 

Toss them on the grill!  We through them on the bottom of the grill right next to the coals, mostly to make room on the rack for the burgers we had up top.  We rotated the onions 180 degrees 10 minutes into it.  After the next ten minute rotation we used the tongs to lift them back up to the top shelf for the last bit of cooking.  Wait a couple of minutes for them to cool off before unwrapping, we served them right in in the foil and dipped the grilled potato's we had in the juices!

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