Introduction: Button Globe

About: The World's Biggest Show and Tell

You see snow globes many time , but you don't see a button globe yet !
Also it have a air pomp that make bubbles , it's beautiful !
In below you can see a gif movie about my globe .

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • A glass can
  • A small Air pomp
  • Buttons in many colors
  • A few play-dough
  • A small box
  • A few corona
  • Nail & hammer

Step 2: Regulate the Pomp

With nail & hammer make a small hole on the door of the can and the box . (In middle)
Then allow the pomp's tube to pass from the holes , 1- from the box 2- the door of the can . Then firm it with a few play-dough .

Step 3: Regulate the Can

Place the buttons in the can and add your coronas .
Now fill the can from the water .

Step 4: Confirm

Put the door of the can and rotate them .
Connect the air pump to the power and enjoy !