C-Clamp Headset Holder

Introduction: C-Clamp Headset Holder

Have you ever been annoyed with having your headset laying on your desk and cords everywhere? Look no further than this easy cheap solution. A c-clamp style headset holder to organize your cords and eliminate desk clutter. The next few pages will include simple directions to create this 3D design.

The difficulty level for this product is medium. It’s not really for a beginner, but if someone has a basic understanding of 3D printed objects it can be done quite easily in a short amount of time


  • Computer with Fusion 360
  • Cura 3D printer software
  • 3D printer and filament
  • Some time to work
  • Prior knowledge of 3D printing and design helps

Step 1: Initial Sketch

Step 1 is to create the initial sketch. Draw the following lines on any plane on fusion 360. Dimensions can be edited as wanted if you have a special dimension needed such as you need to make one for a larger desk. This one above is set for a desk between 1 and 4 inches thick.

Step 2: Extrude Sketch

Hit finish sketch and right click on the face and select extrude. The face is to be extruded 2.5 inches. Once the part looks like the one above you can hit enter and the extrusion should be completed. Again, if there is a specific case that you wanted a wider holder, you could extrude it wider than 2.5 inches

Step 3: Fillet and Extrude

Fillet the hard angle edges and extrude the face with the hole another inch. After you extrude the face with the hole an extra inch, add a hole .5 inches in diameter by drawing a sketch on that bottom face. The outer ring of the circle should be 1 inch from the edge of the face. After drawing the circle, finish the sketch, and extrude the circle up through the object creating a hole. The distance should be an inch, but it can be more. Just make sure it is all the way through the object.

To fillet the edges just right click a hard edge and fillet it a half inch. Only fillet the edges shown on the object. Otherwise the 3D printer will have a hard time printing accurately.

Step 4: Adding Threads

To do this hit the drop down arrow labeled with create and select “Thread”. Select the cylinder hole on the object. The “Edit Feature” menu will pop up allowing you to change thread type and size. Select a large thread size such as the settings above in the picture. Select the box modeled. Remember these settings for later because you will need to match the threads to the thumb screw that needs to be created yet.

Step 5: Cord Holder

This is an optional step, but i’ll include it as it can be useful. First you need to start a new sketch on the face. You can make the cord holder however you want. I made it hang down 1 inch with the indents .25 inches apart and .25 inches high. Those edges can be filleted to make it less harsh on cords and to keep things from getting caught.

Step 6: Thumb Screw

Start off with drawing a circle .4 inches. It needs to be slightly smaller than the other threaded opening. Finish that sketch and extrude it 3.25 inches. This creates the basis for the threads. Next, start a sketch on the face of the cylinder from step 6. Make a circle 2.5 inches then extrude it .5 inches. You may have to extrude the center face a half inch as well. You may fillet the edges of the thumb screw to your liking. Finally, select the cylinder highlighted blue in the photo and go to the drop down arrow and select "thread". The pop-up menu “Edit Feature” should match the thread information from step 4. Make sure to select modeled as well. I suggest using thick threads so it prints better.

Step 7: Finished Renderings

This is what the parts should somewhat look like at the end. To complete the printing process you will need to convert the files to .stl files and set them up in a 3D printing software such as CURA to print the objects. Here is an example of a finished one without the cord organizer. I added foam to protect the desk and fill space because it is a thin desk.


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