who says Christmas, who says Advent, who says Advent, says calendar !


- red canson


- christmas motif tape

- labels

- small iron wire

- cotton

- cutter

- glue

- rigid paper

- shoebox

- scotch

- newspaper

- chocolates

- cable

Step 1: Cable Cars

Let’s start by drawing a pattern taking it from the Internet or drawing it.

I chose to draw it. It has to be cut.

Step 2:

Make holes to create windows.

Step 3:

Using red canson copy the pattern 25 times for the 25 days of Advent. You have to cut them. Glue each cable cars.

Step 4:

Decorate them with Christmas motif tape. Then print with each of Advent day; stick them.

Step 5:

With small iron wire, form hooks ( explanation on the photo above for the cable cars to be on the cable).

Step 6:

all the cabins are finished !

Step 7: The Snow Carpet

For the decor, make a snow carpet with cotton. Stick the cotton on flexible paper ( newspaper ).

Step 8: Poles

Once all the cabins are made, make the poles. Form a roll with stiff paper. Draw a strait line and make 2 holes to let the iron wire pass.

Step 9:

In a shoebox plant the pole by making a hole. It was to be quite rigid to support all the cable cars on the cable.

Step 10:

Cover the piece of furniture and the shoebox and all other furniture you want to havewith the snow mat.

Step 11:

Repeat the step 8 in another place in the box.

Step 12:

Having a bed post; I taped the cable post to the bed post.

Step 13:

Put the cable around and between the posts to hangs the cabins.

Step 14:

Put the cabins on the cable and garnish chocolates the cabins .

Step 15:

Decorate the background with fields, chocolates santa claus…

Step 16:

It’s finished, merry Christmas !