Introduction: CD Rack Clamp Tool Organizer

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I work alone and clamps are my third, fourth, fifth etc.. extra hands. I needed a way to keep them organized and portable.
My goal is to have everything in my work area portable and organized. So I was driving on trash day and saw a few CD Racks out front for pickup. It came to me that this would work great to organize my clamps by clamping them onto the shelves.

I went to the local resale shop which had several. I picked one that had moveable shelves.

The portable part was easy; I have used mover’s dollies for years. I purchase the dollies that have wood bases, which allows for quick mounting, by just screwing into them.

Now I can move my clamps to where I am working.

Step 1: Gather Items

CD Racking system / shelves – Metal adjustable shelves approximately 6 feet in height, 12 inch diameter weighted base.

Rolling Cart - 18 inches by 12 inches - I used a 1000 lb. Capacity Mini Mover's Dolly with approximately 3” casters / wheels

Wood - ¾ inches thick by 13 inches wide by 18 inches long -
optional wood piece – 3 inches by 13 inches for a center brace

2 inch screws – I use 6 screws
2 ½ screws – I used 4 screws
Electric drill and bits
Saw – I used an electric circular saw

Optional: Cement drill – my base was weighted with cement

Step 2: Build the Base

I laid the rolling cart on top of the ¾ inch wood and marked my cut lines. I added an extra 1 inch on the width for good measure.

I first cut my wood to the width, then the length.
Since I already had a piece cut to the width; I cut the optional 3 inches by 13 inches piece for a center brace.

The dolly has a recess in the middle. I feel the ¾ inch wood is plenty strong enough to hold the rack without sagging; but I added a middle brace anyway.

I use six 2-inch screws to hold the base board to the dolly. Two screws on each end and two screws for the center brace.

I placed the rack onto the dolly. Then drilled four holes thru the base to mount the rack to dolly. Using 2 ½ screws, I secured the rack.

Please note: The base had cement for weight, so I needed to use the special cement drill bit.

Step 3: Start Adding Clamps and More Clamps

Even though I have lots of clamps, there is plenty of space on the rack to put them.

I started by putting my ratchet clamps on first. The longest on top, with the bars hanging down.

Then I added the spring clamps; I tried to keep the common sizes together.

Step 4: Done

I know I say this often, but I am pleased how this Instructables project turned out.

I have plenty of projects that do not come together. So I am delighted to share one.

Winter is my get organized time, come summer, this rack will be empty.

It will be nice to roll the CD Rack Clamp Tool Organizer around to use.

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