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Introduction: CD/DVD Placeholders

A way we keep our DVDs and CDs in order in our family. They are like book marks for cd/dvd books. When a member of the family "checks out" a DVD or a CD they leave their personalized book mark in it's place. This way they also know exactly where it goes when it's time to put it away.

This project assumes that you have a large CD or DVD collection that you have migrated to sleeves in binders or albums instead of the bulky manufacturer packaging.

Not rocket science, but it might inspire you to do something better.

Step 1: Obtain and Decorate CD Blanks

You'll need
1. Scratched or defunct CDs (AOL or Windows discs work nicely here); one for each member of household.
2. Non-metallic yarn, fibers, or floss (You don't want anything that can scratch the CDs on the facing pages). 18 inches for each book mark disc.

- Metal rimmed or other sturdy tags for the end of the fibers.
- Pens for writing on non-porous surfaces such as Bic Mark It, Sharpie Permanent markers, or Sakura Glaze pens.
-Label maker

Start by decorating the CD blanks with the family member's name and whatever else you'd like. Stickers, cutouts, and punchies could be used here as well. You'll want to avoid glitter since it tends to come loose and could scratch your real collection.

You can get elaborate or as plain Jane as you like. I had fun, my husband used a dynamo label maker.

After you have labeled the blank, you need to attach fibers. I used about 18 inches so it would hang. I just tied a knot .

Step 2: Hang Near CD/DVD Books

I just used thumb tacks. You then need to tell the whole family how to use them and they can only have one piece of media out at a time.

Step 3: How to Use

When you take a CD/DVD, you place your decorated blank in the now empty sleeve. Hang fibers out over spine so you (and everyone else) can spot the book that's missing media. You have "checked out" a title.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    If you have a collection of organized DVD's your place holder is ideal for insuring they get back in the proper place. GREAT IDEA!!!