CNC Laser - Full Set of Plans for a Box of 4 Mini Drawers.




Introduction: CNC Laser - Full Set of Plans for a Box of 4 Mini Drawers.

This site has provided me with so much inspiration, this is my effort to throw something in the ring. I don't intend to pad this 'ibble out with an image of glueing two pieces of wood together... :)

Step 1: JDI! or Just Do It!

In the spirit of Open Source (Inkscape being a wonderful example - perfect for this machine) I'd much rather go to bed with a self satisfied smile on my face and give these images for free, than to sell them on fleabay for folding beer tokens as a lot of other guys are doing. Just credit me with them when asked, is all. And if you come up with something you think others might like, post 'em! Yeee haar!

It measures 100mm wide, 148mm tall, 140mm deep. This iteration has a set of feet to act as locating pegs for stacking one on top of the other. Feel free to ditch them! This is a complete set of parts to make a set of mini drawers in Inkscape. It was cut with a 'nese 40W laser cutter engraver (photo) cutting 3.2mm (1/8") liteply/lasersafe ply out of A4 sheet. The basic box shape was made with the aid of that wonderful site, Box designer. Thanks, guys!

If you're using the same machine as me, that blasted stupid board will only let you use their LaserDrw. So... save the images one by one in .wmf format. When you import them into LaserDrw, keep inkscape open, and ensure the size of the images are identical. I'm currently in the process of trying to nest them more efficiently but it's a bit late, now, I've got what I want. Use the minimum power possible (dhuh!) to ensure a nice cut. This machine uses a stupid assembly as a burning bed as is, but! If you rip the guts out, you can get around 320x220!

I really doubt that anyone who would want to use these plans would have difficulty in assembly :)

I glued it all together with a thin layer of wood glue. It assembles quite squarely, but some clamping is necessary, as the joints are a bit of an interference fit.

Common sense applies to this 'ibble - if you burn your finger off, or blind yourself, it's YOUR problem! Oh. And if you're new to laser... you WILL have a fire at some point. Don't leave it running unattended! Have a damp rag to hand, don't try to put it out with your hand (don't ask!)



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    3 years ago

    That's really pretty :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks. Much better than the cheap plastic ones from China.