Introduction: CODE's Batch Based IDE

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My new project, an IDE or text editor or idc what is it.

CODE's Batch Based IDE 100 % Batch. It works almost the same as notepad but prettier.

I am ready to unfold the batch beauty with this project. Only one extension is used in this project, which is colorchar.exe.

Step 1: Please Take a Look at the Introduction

Look at the main menu! It won't be possible without colorchar.exe!

Step 2: File Creation

You can just create your file by answering two question!

Step 3: Have a Look at Your Work Space!

Your work space is designed beautifully with some greate color that i choose for ya.

It also have copy & paste support!

Step 4: The Proof That CODE's IDE Works

Look at the picture above! It works!

Step 5: Samples

Step 6: Thank You

Thank You To TUX and ACIINI for the ascii arts!

Also for my viewer for taking your time to read this article.

Step 7: Open Source

This project is fully open source,so you can copy it.

But,please credit me!

Step 8: Download

You can download this project at:


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