Introduction: COVID-19 Safety Bubbles + How to Make a Person in Tinkercad

How to fix the Social Distancing problem to maintain 6 feet safety space between people?

Solution: Personal Covid-19 Safety Bubbles! Creative Solution to Distance Learning with Tinkercad Contest -- Solutions to Problems My 13 year old daughter wanted to make an Instructable Tinkercad submission where someone could learn how to make a person using Tinkercad while also provide a creative and amusing solution for the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Her solution is customizable people with inflatable bubbles around them that everyone can wear to stay safe outside. She created the following tutorial instructional to teach you how to make her idea. Feel free to change the colors and sizes of any objects to your liking.


For the person

- 5 Tinkercad Circles

- 1 Tinkercad Rectangle

- 7 Tinkercad Cylinders

- Any shape you want for the shoes

For the bubble

- 1 Tinkercad Circle

- Any shape you want to add to the circle

Step 1:

Step 2: Step 1: the Arms and Legs

The first step to make a custom person (with an optional bubble) is to make the arms and legs. The design for both parts is pretty similar, so both are included in one step.

For the leg,

Stretch out one cylinder until it reaches a decent size to fit as a leg. For a joint to improve the anatomy, add a small sphere in the upper half of the cylinder. Copy and paste that to make two legs.

For the arm,

The overall concept is similar to the leg, but the only difference is that the overall arm is split into two parts- The top and bottom- Separated by a joint. This way, the arm can move back and forth and isn't that stiff. Take a cylinder, make sure that it is the same width as the leg (But make sure that the overall height is shorter than the leg) and connect the end to a sphere. Repeat that with a slightly longer cylinder and attach the end of new cylinder to the same sphere. Now, copy and paste that entire arm portion, and you now have two arms.

Step 3: Step 2: the Body

Make a simple rectangle to form the base of the body, and attach your legs that you just made to the bottom of the rectangle and the arms to the sides of the rectangle base.

Step 4: Step 3: the Head

For this portion, take an oval-shaped sphere and place it on a cylinder. Group those two items, and place it on top of the body you made. Try to place it in the center of the rectangle, if you can.

Step 5: Step 4: the Shoes

After some experimenting, you can really use any shape for the feet and it will still appear to look like shoes- It's up to your preference. Here are some screenshots of some examples with various shapes for shoes.

Step 6: Step 5: the Optional Bubble

My daughter wanted to provide a solution for COVID-19. Her solution was that people could wear inflatable bubbles that goes up their waist that can protect people from spreading germs so they can continue everyday life without being worried. You can make one of these in Tinkercad by taking a sphere, making it big so it fits around the person that you just made's waist, and then changing the color to your liking and then clicking the transparent button at the bottom of the color changer.

Step 7: Thank You for Doing This Tutorial!

Thank you for considering my daughter's submission for the Tinkercad contest.