Introduction: COVID-FLYER

This project creates a fun, multicolored, foam flying device.


For this project you will need a propeller, craft foam, a ruler, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Step 1: Body

The first step is to cut out three pieces with the dimensions provided.


Step 2: Body

After cutting out three pieces, you will glue them together as pictured.

Step 3: Body

Next, cut 0.5 inch off of the side that does not have the fin.

Step 4: Body

Next, cut two strips that are 0.5 inch by 18 inches.

Step 5: Body

Glue one of the strips to the three pieces as pictured, creating a pocket for the propeller.

Step 6: Body

Glue the propeller into place.

Step 7: Body

Glue the remaining strip to the body, then tie the rubber band around the body. Be certain the band does not have any slack in it so that when wound up the propeller functions.

Step 8: Wings

Trace two of the airfoils onto the foam then cut them out.

Step 9: Wings

Glue the airfoils to a piece of 18 inch wide foam.

Step 10: Wings

Wrap the foam around and continue to glue.

Step 11: Wings

Cut off the remaining foam.

Step 12: Wings

Find the center of the wings, then cut a slit wide enough to fit the body as shown.

Step 13: Finished Plane

Find the center of gravity of the body, then glue the wings on there as pictured.

Step 14: Finished Plane

Now you have a finished plane that is ready to fly!