Introduction: Cable Hanger for Phone/camera/charger Cables

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Frustrated with rummaging through boxes or bags of tangled cables, I needed an untangled storage system.

Seeing a piece of end cap(for edge of internal wall lining) left over from a renovation suggested a solution.


plastic end cap for edge of internal wall lining -could be found as waste on building site or bought(about $5 or $10 for 2.4metre length in New Zealand) depending on channel width and brand. My piece had a channel width of 10mm -wide enough for an AAA battery to snugly slide into.

screws/nails/wire or other method of attaching the hanger.

Craft knife

drill and bit:

to drill holes for mounting/hanging

to drill holes of about cable diameter before cutting access slots. I did this but it may be unnecessary.

Step 1: Mark & Cut

Choose a storage location. Use a length of end cap to fit there.

Check the size of cables and mark slots of a suitable width on the endcap.

Be aware of the weight of chargers etc that you intend to hang. -need to leave enough "meat"(plastic) between slots to avoid the hanger sagging too much.

Drill holes on the bottom of the channel first and then cut slots to the holes. Or you could try without drilling the holes.

Drill enough holes for mounting/hanging to avoid sagging when attached to surface or hanging.

Step 2: Use It!

Find a suitable convenient place to store the cables.

Initially it was screwed in a space that was too narrow to photograph so first photo here is of it screwed to a shed cupboard door.

After moving house I tried it in the back of a wardrobe but found it too inconvenient for access.

It is currently hanging from the top of a cabinet in which I didn't want to drill screw-holes. -found some bits of wire(one is a spline from a broken umbrella) -I'm a bit late for the Treasure from Trash competition - & shaped them to hang the hanger.

Having made it, perhaps I should check same hasn't already been posted. Wow -there are many good ideas

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and many others. I vaguely remember a slit tennis ball being a cable holder??

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