Introduction: Caddy for Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

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I needed to replace old rusted tiki torches and so went to eBay and got some beautiful cobalt blue 750 ml wine bottles. I bought 12 for 37.50. On Amazon, I got wicks with ceramic stoppers (2/$6.72). These burned well and the bottle, with the light shining thru was really beautiful.

I wanted to make a carrier so that I was not carrying them in a cardboard box. This is what I came up with.

It's really just a simple box, much like an old toolbox. It's made of 1/2 inch oak and oak plywood with a dowel on the top tied to the top using some paracord. The joinery is simple butt joints. There is a 2 inch hole in each side for decoration.

Step 1: Measuring the Dimensions of the Base

I place the bottles on top of a piece of plywood to get the needed dimensions and added 1/4 inch all around.

Step 2: Cutting and Adding the Sides

The sides were made of oak plywood scraps. I joined them to the base with glue and brads. I made top spacers while the glue was drying so that the sides would stay perpendicular to the base. Finally I cut a 1/16" veneer from oak for the top of the plywood so that it would look like solid oak.

Step 3: Cutting, Drilling and Mounting the Sides

The sides were made from a piece of solid oak scrap. I drilled a 2 inch hole for decoration and then drilled a 1/2 inch hole that I was originally going to put the rod through. However, the rod was about 1/2 inch too low and it made access to the bottles too difficult so I cut slots in the top of the carrier and then lashed the top rod to the carrier using the original hole and some paracord.

Step 4: Finished Project

Here are some more pictures of the finished project with another picture of a lit torch. It's sturdy and I really enjoy the ease of transporting the bottle torches in it.

Thanks for looking!