Cake Mix Chocolate Pie !?

Introduction: Cake Mix Chocolate Pie !?

For this challenge I wanted to take box cake mix and do something different with it.

I decided to make a pie.

Follow the simple steps to know how....

Step 1: Making Your Pie Base

To make your pie base you will need:

Cake mix

Butter (I used 55 grams however I used a dairy free butter substitute)

Salt (reduces rise and combats the sweetness)

A mixing bowl

A wooden spoon

Step 2: Mix Until a Ball Forms

Whats needed:


A little flour

Eventually your pastry base should form a ball this is when you know its ready. You may need to add a little flour to get the right consistency but that's up to you.It can be refrigerated for around 30 minutes.

Step 3: Non-stick Pie

Whats needed:

Pastry brush

Something to cook your pie in (oven safe)


Using your pastry brush , oil (butter) the ceramic dish.

Step 4: Prick the Pie

Whats needed:

cold pie base



Small rolling pin (I used a glass)


Oven gloves

Get the pie base out of the fridge and flour your rolling pin of choice. Eventually the entire ceramic dish will be covered in the base. Make sure to prick the pie lots otherwise (as the cake mix contains raising agents) it will rise lots.

And into the oven it goes.

I cooked mine at 180 degrees fan for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Box Pie Filling

Whats needed:




Custard powder

Box icing mix

To fit the out of the box theme I used the box icing and box custard powder to make the pie filling!

Step 6: Whisk! Whisk! Whisk!

Whats needed:




Custard powder

Box icing mix

Whisk! Whisk! Whisk! The filling thickens very quickly so you have to keep an eye on it !

Step 7: Pie Filling Into Pie Base

Whats needed:

Pie base (fresh out the oven)

Pie filling

Oven gloves


Spread the thickened ie filling onto the oven base. It should be glossy and have a similar look to tempered chocolate. It should also be velvety and thick!

Cook for another 10 minutes.

Step 8: Finishing Touches!

Whats needed:

Cooked pie (fresh out the oven)

Box sprinkles

After the pie comes out the oven it should go a deeper , warmer toned colour. Its very beautiful and the camera doesn't do it justice. Up to personal preference but sprinkles from the box make great finishing touches !

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