Introduction: Calm Down a Pet in a Carry Case!

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We all know it is near impossible getting a pet to like a trip in a carry case! Don't worry ! I will help you deal with your cat's first Carry Case ride!

My cat tore off a few of his claws trying to escape the carry case!

Step 1: Try Treats!

Your Cat's first Carry Case ride gives the cat a chance to judge Carry Cases. You need to give it a positive first impression! Coax your cat every step of the way!

In the first method, we will use treats!

Buy your cat's favourite treats. Your cat wont suspect much, so it might not struggle putting it in the case. If your cat wails, coax it and feed it treats. It may calm down.

Step 2: If You Cant Be at Home, Take Home With You!

Grab your cat's favourite things: blankets, toys, anything it likes! Put them in the Carry Case, so your cat will feel soothed, and at home! Coax your cat and place it in the case.

Due to comments, your cat's litter box would be ideal to take. If you desire, put a blanket over it!

Thanks , The MattHatter

Step 3: These Wet Noses Are Not There to Sit There and Look Cute!

If you are taking a cat home from a Breeder, rub a blanket on your new kitten's parents! Sounds weird, but your cat will calm down because of the familiar smell of the parents. Put the blanket in the case!

Step 4: The End!

So, try give your cat a good first impression in a carry case! Then it will relax more often in Carry Cases. Thanks for reading, and if you have a anymore ideas or questions, please comment!