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Introduction: Camcorder Pan&Tilt ...

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Okay, so you want to print your own Pan&Tilt (spin and tilt even) for your camcorder or GoPro to hang for security or to hang under an R/C flyer to scope out the area like a military UAV or news chopper 4 ...

Here it is a two piece printable design ... easy and quick to print, install and use. 

The design is so that a basic modified Continuous Rotating Servo Motor can be used (separate wiring from tilt) to spin or pan the camera while the other two side servos would rotate the camera (tilt) up and down ... either standard servos or again continuous rotating servos can be used ... it all depends upon how you wire up the system ... either kinds of servos work well ... it all comes down to how much money you want to put into the project.  I'm using two servos for tilt so that almost any size/weight camera will easily be controlled ... but as you can see the side mounts for the camera bracket also allow to help center the c.g. of the camera to the tilt axis so the side servos do minimal work. 

Here are the two .STL files so you can print them yourself ... let me know ... is it too big or too small?  I can easily make changes and post new sizes;

Step 1: Printing the Parts ...

This print was great ... the servo holes are very square and neat.  

I've included the Axon 2 build images here to show the layout for printing ... 

The print results photos too ... 

As you can see peeling the build raft was pretty easy and very neat.  Unless your OCD about quality, the part doesn't need any sanding or other finishing other than a brushing of acetone (finger nail remover) to help make it a more solid part.

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