Camera Lens Protector

Introduction: Camera Lens Protector

So I just bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. And it came with a lens and a lens bag. The lens bag doesn't have a nice place to hold the lens, so I decided to make a Lens protector, so that the lens doesn't get scratched and likewise, it doesn't do any scratching.
This is real simple.

Step 1: Materials

This is real Easy, all you need is two objects.

Camera Lens
Old Dress Shirt.

Step One, clean the shirt.
No pictures needed, you (or your mom) should be able to do this.

Step Two
Cut off the Cuffs.

Step 2: The Steps

First you need the Dress Shirt Cuff, Just hook it up like it is on the shirt.

Then when you have it Buttoned, simply slide the lens inside the cuff.
Mine was a "Perfect Fit"

And you will have a nice camera Lens Protector which will keep the outside of the lens from getting scratched.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Or use a sock. Tube socks, without a heel, will fit longer lenses. Finding one that aren't white is a bother. Another nifty protector is the $.99 ski cap, great for padding your camera body when packing light.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    your instruction is pretty easy to follow but is it necessary to protect the lens?