Camera Mount

Introduction: Camera Mount

This is great for low to the ground shots, and other ideas you can come up with. I use it for filming dogs while walking them.

Step 1: Parts

I used the following:

1 Mono pod
1 piece of aluminum 1 1/2 by 24 (inches)
1/4 by 1/2 wing nut (to attach to camera)
1/4 nut to mount mono pod
2 large flat washers
Super glue


Step 2: Create

Bend the aluminum to fit the camera you are using.

Make mono pod hole centered and drill hole large enough to force 1/4 nut into hole and super glue in place. I super glued the large flat washers to both sides to get nut flush for mounting.

Camera mount hold can be where you feel will work best for you and your camera.

I use this mount with my video and still camera depending on what I am doing. is where you can view some videos I have used this mount.

You could even make another hole on the side so you can mount your still camera to do panoramic photos.

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    night creature

    This looks great! Nice little Video of "Diva", hope she gets a nice home. Cool that you are helping out at a shelter! My pets are shelter or re-homes, and spayed/neutered and Microchipped. Maybe you could have someone film you, (as your are filming), so that we could see this in use. You must be pretty strong and agile to walk a strong dog and film at the same time, I would probably trip! Keep up the good work!


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thanks for the great comment. Diva and Sweaty got adopted on Sat. As for pretty strong, I think I time it and cut the video so it looks easy.....and pick dogs I can do that with.